Warmachine: Khador - Warcaster Karchev The Terrible

Warmachine: Khador - Warcaster Karchev The Terrible

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Karchev is the man in the machine, a warcaster with the body of a warjack and a heart of fury. This Khadoran patriot drives his battlegroup forward relentlessly to crush the enemies of his beloved Motherland. Few are those that can withstand the sheer brutality of his assault. A single swing of his mechanikal axe Sunder can fell entire units as he wades into close combat with his warjacks in tow. Nothing short of the most advanced firepower can slow the unstoppable force that is Karchev.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Fun Caster to play
While not the best Caster in the Khadoran stable Karchev definitely is one of the funner ones to play. His biggest drawback is focus 5 and a list of spells that are a bit expensive. Though he has easily one of the best Jack support spells in the game in Unearthly Rage which for 3 focus gives all warjacks in his battlegroup boosted attack and damage rolls.

Tow also is a big spell as his gives him so interesting threats for his jacks since they get placed behind him when he finishes his move and then they can charge for free off his feat.

This makes him a Jack caster in a faction that doesn't support warjacks the greatest but he does well with Kodiaks, Drago, and other focus efficient warjacks.
Game Play
Review by Josh on 10/14/2015