Warmachine: Khador - Epic Warcaster Vladimir, the Dark Champion

Warmachine: Khador - Epic Warcaster Vladimir, the Dark Champion

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Now recovered from his deadly wounds, Vladimir Tzepesci once again marches amongst the armies of western Immoren and toward a destiny he must fulfill. Few among the Iron Kingdoms know of the true treats to come, however the dark champion shall see to it that either a zealous prophet or undead regent pays the ultimate price for threatening his precious Motherland.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Very Solid Caster
So Vlad2 is a very good caster who has several very worthwhile spells to mention. Transference being the biggest one. Which lets his infantry models spend his focus while in his control area to boost melee attack or damage rolls. This on top of Hand of Fate makes him a great infantry support caster.

Also he has a very strong feat that lets him give up to 6 non character models +3 to their stat lines which on many of the common targets pretty much ensures you get the alpha on whatever you're charging and it will be accurate and it will hurt.

The model itself is pretty nice though his pauldrons truly are way too large.
Game Play
Review by Josh on 10/3/2015