Warmachine: Khador - Drago Character Heavy Warjack

Warmachine: Khador - Drago Character Heavy Warjack

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All Berserkers have the roughened look of decades of service, but Drago stands out even among such company. While it has a cortex as old and unstable as any Berserker's, the passing of long years has removed many of the limited restraints that once held the machine back in battle. Mechaniks keep it chained up like a wild beast when not fighting, for Drago unleashes unmitigated violence at the slightest provocation. Drago comes in a box (PIP 33056). A player may field one Drago in his Khador army.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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A Vlads best
Drago is Vlad's character berzerker and it shares a number of things in common such as being focus efficient. In Vlad's control area he is under an affinity that gives him an extra dice on hit and damage and lose the lowest. And it stacks with Vlads spell that does the same.

He has an Imprint for Run Riot which is his primary way since you can stack his chain attack in a way since it's hard to get multiple models with Bloodbath without but he's a good beat stick through and through. Especially for Vlad. Also works well with Karchev.
Game Play
Review by Josh on 11/14/2015