Warmachine: Khador - Warcaster Kommander Strakhov

Warmachine: Khador - Warcaster Kommander Strakhov

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Few soldiers are as hated and feared by the Motherland's enemies as Kommander Viktor Strakhov. Strakhov takes pride in the fact that he has never refused a mission, no matter how dangerous. Although he prefers to rely on his physical superiority, his potent arcane abilities have been refined to aid him in the shock assaults in which he excels. Strakhov and his 'jacks launch brutal strikes against enemy positions, slaughtering the enemy before they can react. With each engagement, Strakhov changes the face of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms to match his vision of bloody excellence. Kommander Strakhov comes in a blister. A player may field one Kommander Strakhov in a Khador army.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


An Excellent Tournament Caster
Strakhov's spell list is arguably one of the best in Khador, He is immune to fire and corrosion, just like his assault kommando buddies, which makes him immune to many different attacks. His awesome feat lets his entire army run right down your opponents throat, making sure you get the first hit. He is squishy, but has many different ways to mitigate this. He is a heavy support caster, and while his play style might not be for everyone there is no denying his effectiveness.
Game Play
Review by Daniel on 10/6/2014