Warmachine: Cryx - Epic Caster Skarre

Warmachine: Cryx - Epic Caster Skarre

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The reaver-witch captain of the Widower has learned to tap into the deepest roots of her deadly occult powers, mastered the traditions of blood sacrifice, and learned to perceive and manipulate the strands of fate. She has adapted after experiencing personal sacrifice, and she is empowered to reign supreme as queen of the Broken Coast, pillaging with abandon along the western shores in the name of Lord Toruk.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Beautiful sculpt, fun to play, good times to be had
The model itself is a beautiful sculpt and everything fits together quite nicely except the horns, but that's no real surprise after putting together satyxis raiders. I've found myself playing her more and more as I've gotten used to what she can do and it's left my opponents crying more often than not. If you've gotten used to Deneghra and Asphyxious and want to change things up a bit, this caster and her prime version are a great investment that go quite a ways in terms of value.
Game Play
Review by Scruffy on 10/7/2015