Warmachine: Cryx - Warwitch Siren

Warmachine: Cryx - Warwitch Siren

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For centuries the Orgoth tyrants used their warwitches as living implements of atrocity and mass destruction. Now, hundreds of years later, the Cryxian warwitches have become icy killers, as cold in spirit as the shadows in which they are clad. Their arcane powers have been refined over time, and the witches called sirens have learned ways to seduce their enemies into annihilation.

Warwitch Siren comes in a blister (PIP 34075). A player may field two Warwitch Sirens for each warcaster in a Cryx army.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Fantastic toolkit solo, will always have a use on the field
This little lady is so cryxian it hurts. High defense, low armor solo that will almost always have something she can do to help you out on the field from turn one onward. Be it throwing out focus, spraying down infantry, or locking a key piece in melee with shadow bind. This solo is one of the best investments a cryx army can make after investing in a skarlock, she's never a bad idea and is always points well spent. The model itself is a really nice sculpt as well and she looks pretty damn cool.
Game Play
Review by Scruffy on 10/13/2015