Warmachine: Infernals - Griever Swarm (10)

Warmachine: Infernals - Griever Swarm (10) (On Sale)

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Griever swarms drift swiftly through the air and travel in small packs, disgorging void fire at their chosen prey. Though considered infernals, as they are native to the same realm, they are closer to animals or beasts. Their behavior suggests a strangely uncanny understanding of their environment and their prey as they silently coordinate to attack. They are surprisingly durable, and their mode of movement is erratic, making them hard for mortals to anticipate. Inky darkness follows them, pulled from beyond Caen, and the sight of their approach presages certain doom.

Griever Swarms act as the core ranged unit for Infernal armies. They have a wide selection of useful abilities to help them fulfill this role, such as Flight, giving them useful mobility over all types of terrain. Additionally, they have Eyeless Sight, which allows them to ignore much of the standard defensive tech available to most models, and Combined Ranged Attack, so they can group together to deliver especially powerful shots.

White metal components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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heavy and airborn
while i think these guys are very cool, it's a bit annoying to get them to stay on their stalks. a metal sphere demon connected only by a shallow ball joint isn't easy to assemble, and seems very fragile, like it could snap off whenever. no problems yet, but worry for the future.
Game Play
Review by Sam on 8/29/2020
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