Warmachine: Mercenaries - Driller Rhulic Heavy Warjack

Warmachine: Mercenaries - Driller Rhulic Heavy Warjack

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The Driller is a massive monster of iron, steel, and hydraulics designed to withstand falling stone or mineshaft collapses while mining. It can shrug off terrible attacks while bringing home its own relentless assault. Its hydraulic claw can hold a target still long enough to bring a great rock drill to bear, boring holes through the toughest of armor and leaving behind nothing but scrap.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Good 'n Slow
The Rhulic Driller has the same basic body frame as another of the Rhulic machines. This makes it easy to put together. There generally seems to be two color schemes: The cool green/gray, and the khaki versions.

Assembly is easy as there are only a few large pieces and everything is pretty obvious in it's location and slotting. Pinning might be a good idea as these are large pieces, but I didn't because I just used some extra strong bonding glue.

In terms of gameplay, nothing revolutionary but it has a lot of boxes, some good POW + STR on it's two weapons and the drill, if it lands a blow, can do continuous damage with every extra attack without rolling to hit again. Can be a good combo against targets that are knocked down.

One thing not necessarily thought of too much, is that with it's 'open' hand, it can lock weapons and this is a fairly strong jack. Preventing a retaliatory strike from a war beast with only one weapon? Nice.

Biggest problem is getting it across the field. It's slow movement and low DEF means it's going to take a few shots in the face in most games unless there are far more tempting targets.

Good news? It's like 6 points and while it's DEF is low, the ARM makes up for a LOT of that so it's going to ignore almost all blast damage and most POW 10 shots.

If you're on the low side of the game and don't have the colossal for the Rhulic and just want to run a 35 or smaller point game, this can be a fun model to feed focus and drill into the enemy.
Game Play
Review by Joe on 11/29/2015