Warmachine: Mercenaries - Privateer Sea Dog Rifleman

Warmachine: Mercenaries - Privateer Sea Dog Rifleman

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Any Sea Dog worth his salt can lay claim to an old pistol, but those owning an accurate long rifle are doubly prized for being able to lay down fire at nearly twice the distance. Such shots from atop the crow's nest or the ship's prow have made all the difference by picking off enemy officers and boarders before they can close.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Excelent Weapon Attachments for the Sea Dog Boarding Crew
Much like the Winterguard Infantry Rocketeer, these Riflemen give your Sea Dog Boarding Crew some much needed long ranged firepower. You can take up to 3 of these models and it's worth it because of their Combined Ranged Attack and sniper range. The Sea Dog Boarding Crew is a pretty aggressive front line unit and needs every single body they can get. You can either play them like a regular Sea Dog or use them to scalpel out key solos.

Make sure you get the rest of the "Pirate Ball" (Hawk, Grogspar, Killingsworth, and Rockbottom to get the full advantages of your crew!
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Review by Mark on 10/26/2015