Warmachine: Mercenaries - Freebooter Heavy Warjack

Warmachine: Mercenaries - Freebooter Heavy Warjack

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Freebooters barrel across heaving decks to obliterate anything in their path. A favorite of sea captains everywhere, the Freebooter has undergone a number of mechanical alterations to turn this former laborjack to military use, and it takes to brawling with frightening enthusiasm. Many crews graft a jury-rigged arcane turbine to the engine that allows warcasters to shred a few gears for a quick surge of speed.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


6 points of cannon utilty
When building talon charter I looked at all the jack options and then saw this guy. I was highly left wanting on what this guy was for. He seems close to useless and had nothing special about him besides the 2 open "hands" and smash & grab. It was ok but in a shooting heavy army (mostly) he felt out of place.

Then I realized what he had that made him kinda a staple for Shae. 11 Str. This means he can toss things up to 5 inches. Like for example a Cannon. A Cannon that can only move 3 inches in a single turn with armor 18 (dice -7 when tossed on damage on the cannon).

Jokes aside this jack is mainly use to toss a cannon around like it owes it money. Its the main movement system for the talon charters boss monster. It also makes a decent body guard. When you treat it like that it makes this very lack luster mech quite a bit better.

Model wise this guy makes me a bit mad. He shares the same body and hip as the other jack in this category. Legs, smoke stack, arms, head are the major differences and if they were designed better this could be a kit between the two so you end up paying 26$ per figure for something that you SHOULD be able to mag swap. Guys totally metal so good quality in that sense.
Game Play
Review by Dillon on 1/11/2016