Warmachine: Mercenaries - Stannis Brocker Character Cavalry

Warmachine: Mercenaries - Stannis Brocker Character Cavalry

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Stannis Brocker cares for little beyond coin and battle. He cares nothing for the reasons behind any specific conflict and makes no apology for decades spent earning coin by dealing death and misfortune. Commanding ranks of Steelhead mercenaries, Brocker rides to battle as if from an ancient era, when such men conquered and created nations with the edge of their blades.

Stannis Brocker comes in a box (PIP 41064). A player may field one Stannis Brocker in his army. Stannis Brocker will work for any faction.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Auto-include if you use steelheads
So let's start off with the model, it looks AWESOME and is one of those rare cavalry solos that doesn't have a bunch of finicky pieces that will break of fall off.

In-game he has his horse's attack, his two backswing attacks with reach, he's tough to take-down. Where his true greatness lies is his tactician ability. Steelheads can ignore each other for movement and line of sight purposes. In warmachine this is HUGE. Stannis, a unit of halberdiers, Sergeant Nick, and a unit of heavy cavalry is a very self-sufficient mini-battlegroup that can hold and take objectives, clear out enemies, or just take your opponents fire while other units move into position for a caster kill or objective grab. He works with almost any faction, just like his steelhead brethren.
Game Play
Review by ZimZam on 9/17/2015