Warmachine: Mercenaries - Ghordson Basher Rhulic Heavy Warjack

Warmachine: Mercenaries - Ghordson Basher Rhulic Heavy Warjack

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This Rhulic heavy 'jack appears to be little more than a mass of armor atop a pair of powerful steam-powered legs. As it rampages across the battlefield it smashes anything caught in its path. This basic design was augmented for battle with the addition of powerful short-range grenade launchers that can annihilate packed soldiers it fails to crush outright.Models come unpainted and may require assembly.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Best Rhulic Warjack Pre Colossals
Before the age of colossals, when the enemy was fielding them and when you could take an Earthbreaker instead, the Basher was such a good piece. Extended slam distance, extra slam damage, flak field auto hits to clear out high DEF infantry. Since it was so focus independent, it was a great marshaling jack for Thor, getting up the field even quicker with Pronto.

But now...you might as well just take an Earthbreaker, and if the enemy has a colossal slams aren't going to be doing much.
Game Play
Review by Tim on 10/15/2015