Monsterpocalypse: Terrasaurs Monster - Pteradax (1)

Monsterpocalypse: Terrasaurs Monster - Pteradax (1)

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Pteradax swoops from the skies to snatch enemy monsters and send them flying through the city skyline. Flocks of lesser pteradactix follow this creature wherever it travels, sweeping enemies from the skies. Like other Terrasaurs, Pteradax is strangely considerate of humanity, evading military flying machines with which it shares the skies, though it has brought considerable collateral damage wherever it fights.

Pteradax is a highly maneuverable monster that can be added to any Protectors force. Its speed, High Mobility, and Flight allow it to easily move through the city. It buffets enemy units with blasts of air from its wings, flinging them away and carries its allies where they are most needed. When it goes hyper, the Rapid Fire sweeps of its wings threaten all nearby foes, and it Air Drops enemy monsters to throw them into distant buildings.

Resin and white metal components.

1 Stat Card
1 60mm Base

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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