Monsterpocalypse: Destroyers Starter - Savage Swarm

Monsterpocalypse: Destroyers Starter - Savage Swarm (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Privateer Press

The Savage Swarm is comprised of mutated giant insectoid nightmares. Reasoning with the swarm is as effective as reasoning with other insects, and all efforts to eradicate them as they seem to mindlessly invade and destroy have failed to contain or reduce their numbers. They appear to be endowed with super-powered reproductive capabilities and can replace the swarm's losses within days, if not instantly. Dynavastus is one of the swarm's terrifying leaders, driving the others to sweep the countryside, devastating everything in their path.

Metal and resin components.

1 Dynavastus
4 Dire Ants
1 Spy Fly
5 Square Bases 30mm)
1 Square Base (60mm)
26 Dice
6 Apartment Buildings
1 Game Map
1 Rulebook
Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.