Hordes High Command: Core Set

Hordes High Command: Core Set (On Sale)

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Crush your enemies and seize victory by the throat

Brutal conflict spreads across the wilds of western Immoren, fought by savage warriors and terrible beasts. Powerful warlords orchestrate grand strategies and daring battlefield tactics, their actions bringing glorious victory - or the despair of final defeat. Do you have the courage and cunning to guide your forces to ultimate triumph? Take command of the mightiest warriors and beasts to conquer the wilds of Immoren!

Hordes: High Command is a deck-building card game for 2-4 players set in the foreboding wilds of western Immoren. This stand-alone game can be played with just the contents of this box or combined with other Hordes: High Command products for a customizable experience. Leverage your resources, gather your armies, and dominate your foes to stake claim to the wilds of western Immoren!

89 Trollbloods Cards
89 Circle Orboros Cards
89 Legion of Everblight Cards
89 Skorne Cards
15 Winds of War Cards
15 Location Cards

Hordes: High Command can be played as a stand-alone game or may be combined with a copy of Warmachine: High Command Core Set for expanded play.




Great value
High amount of game for under 8 bucks...worth it
Game Play
Review by Zombie plumber on 7/31/2018
Deckbuilding de Hordes!
This game is mainly for Warmachine/Hordes Fans, its a fun game itself that gives 1 to 90 minutes of fun battling for the locations.

Its a themed deckbuilding, where you fight for points scored by deck or by locations, the battle system is simplistic but good enough.

I really like that this game is fully compatible with the warmachine counterpart.

I dont find very able for a competitive scenario , but more seriously casual themed boardgame.
Game Play
Review by Luisjoey on 1/9/2016
The breakdown
I feel to really give this one a fair shot, I'm going to have to break down some of the game play and not judge it on a whole.

First of all is this an original idea of a game? No. Not by a long shot. But deck builders are a dime a dozen and we won't fault it on that. Instead we will look at how they did it and in that respect... to a point. No deck builder will ever live up to Dominion. That's a harsh truth. But The way they went about it here works for them. Each player has its own prebuilt pool to purchase from depending on faction and commanders. That's pretty cool. And you get to choose from a few a turn instead of just blind draws. Even better. But in the end It still leaves too much to chance. And in this type of game you really have to have a pretty thought out idea of how to achieve a victory. So a few turns of under powered units or raw resources you have to but before ever getting anything you NEED into your deck really hurts

Now victory. That's a topic here as well. Even victory can feel like a random chance. You may have been the player to haul off with more than half the locations this game. But your opponent still managed to recruit from his pool more units with raw VP than you ever even saw come up in the game. leaving you jaw dropped and dirty feeling as you realize all of the game play in between the first and last winds card meant absolutely nothing in the end.

Balance is also something this game gets wrong on many occasions. To the point no matter how well you draw or recruit you are left to just watch as unit after unit is shoved off the field because the location you need is being squatted on by units that by definition of text simply can not be destroyed. There is some definite faction favoritism going on here. So house rules... BAN OUT SCORN!

For the good parts though. The rules are simple to follow and understand and the game itself plays very smoothly Setup for this style of game is actually very painless and not too taxing of time as to take away from the game itself. Through all of the imbalance and lack of thorough strategy I still find myself dusting this one off to play with friends once and awhile. The art is gorgeous and original. There are enormous amounts of deck customization with the commander setup. and most important winning or losing, fair or cheated... It's just fun. Oh and the box holds every card organized WITH penny sleeves. so.. Huge bonus right there.

7.5/10 I would not spend MSRP. But snag this one up when you can find it on sale.
Game Play
Review by Robert on 10/4/2015