Riot Quest: Rogue - Lord Azazello

Riot Quest: Rogue - Lord Azazello (Clearance)

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The dashing and daring Lord Azazello is no simple bandit - he's a legendary Farrow thief and adventurer. Before the apocalypse, Azazello made a small fortune robbing the Ordic elite in unbelievable heists. A noble would barely have time to notice Azazello and his band of hand-selected henchmen swinging down from the chandeliers before they were robbed of both their jewelry and their pride.

Not much has changed for Azazello since the world went boom; he travels the wastes seeking great adventures, so long as they pay well.

Lord Azazello is a Rogue Hero that excels at disrupting enemy positions. Though he is dangerous with his Wide Boar Pistol at range, Azazello is most threatening up close in melee. With his Deadly Dance ability, he can hit an enemy in melee, move a couple of spaces away, and then place that enemy next to him in the Arena. This trickery, when combined with his Dirty Fighter ability, makes Azazello a real mean Hero to deal with.

Lord Azazello is also playable in Warmachine/Hordes as a Minion Farrow Warlock that supports infantry heavy armies in ways that Minion players have never seen before.

Metal components.

1 Rogue-class Miniature
1 Hero Stat Card
1 Riot Gear Card

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.