Hordes: Circle - Epic Warlock Kaya the Moonhunter

Hordes: Circle - Epic Warlock Kaya the Moonhunter

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Once Kaya relied solely on her instincts. Now she has been initiated into ancient rites that reveal the power the moon exert on the blood of all predators. Her command of these mysteries has brought her a new companion in the form of a ghostly white wolf. This inseparable pair stalks the battlefields of Immoren with spell, spear, and fang to bring low the foes of the Circle Orboros.

Epic Warlock Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris come in a blister (PIP 72032). A player may field one Epic Kaya & Laris in his Circle Orboros horde.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


One of my favorites
I love eKaya. She lets you do what your always wanted in Circle...run all the warpwolves. She is a great beast heavy caster. Plus having a feat that causes people dread every time you utter the statement "Laris runs" is awesome. She can be a bit of a finesse caster, but you will feel like a master of the game when you alpha strike on one side of your opponents army, teleport your whole beast army to the other flank, and then alpha strike the disorganized flank the next turn.
Game Play
Review by Robert James on 10/14/2015