Hordes: Circle - Megalith (Box) (Clearance)

Hordes: Circle - Megalith (Box) (Clearance)

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Megaliths eyes glow with something greater than the will of its master, something akin to self-awareness. This stone goliath sometimes wanders where it believes itself most needed, extending its immense restorative power to nearby woldwardens, allowing them to advance together as a crushing wall while shrugging off enemy attacks.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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A must have if you play Baldur
This guy is good, but if you are running Baldur, he is GREAT.

Some great rules interactions between Baldur and Megalith and a really cool animus make for you nice game piece.

The model itself is really nice and paints up well. Some do not like the Hulk Smash pose, but it is easy enough to modify.
Game Play
Review by Robert James on 10/5/2015