Hordes: Circle - Tharn Bloodweavers Unit

Hordes: Circle - Tharn Bloodweavers Unit

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Tharn women practicing the rites of the Bloodweavers are true masters of bloodletting. Their devotion to the Devourer Wurm is absolute, and they kill with the visceral immediacy of sacral blades wielded in their own hands. As their blades taste flesh, primal power causes a victim's heart to race frantically before the blood suddenly ignites and vaporizes into an expanding mist.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


An under-appreciated unit
One of the least seen units Circle has, but they are highly under-rated. These girls get a LOT of work done, and can be extremely destructive. They are the closest things we have to melee weaponmasters, but they also can remove upkeeps and cause AOE damage.

The models are great scultps, but nothing too exciting. I forsee their popularity rising with future releases.
Game Play
Review by Dan on 10/2/2015