Hordes: Circle - Nuala the Huntress

Hordes: Circle - Nuala the Huntress

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Tharn bloodtrackers are savage killers who become even more bloodthirsty and formidable when led into battle by their legendary hero, Nuala the Huntress. Pushed into a veritable frenzy under Nuala's command, each bloodtracker moves with increased speed and agility, gutting her prey with one hand while pitching sharpened javelins with the other.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Fun and Great Addition
Nuala added a great amount of speed and maneuverability with my bloodtrackers it was a great addition in total.
Quick Work and Reform are super fun.
The end result is very fun interesting game play that makes the model worth the cost
Game Play
Review by Samuel on 9/8/2015