Hordes: Legion - Blighted Nyss Warlord Solo (1)

Hordes: Legion - Blighted Nyss Warlord Solo (1)

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The Blighted Nyss Warlord is a new Legion of Everblight solo featured in Hordes: Primal. Fast and exceptionally deadly, the Blighted Nyss Warlord cuts down enemies with terrifying ease using his MAT 8, P+S 11 double claymore that boasts both Weapon Master and Decapitation, which doubles any damage the warlord inflicts. Top that off with Overtake and Cleave, allowing the warlord to hack his way through multiple enemies, and the Blighted Nyss Warlord clearly takes his place as the top swordsman solo in the Legion of Everblight.

This blister contains all the parts necessary to assemble 1 Blighted Nyss Warlord, plus a color stat card and a 30mm plastic base.

Metal components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.