Specter Ops

Specter Ops

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An agent of A.R.K. has infiltrated a top secret Raxxon facility and must complete three mission objectives before attempting to escape! Not an easy task with genetically modified Raxxon Hunters on a mission to seek out and destroy the agent. Which side will you choose?

1 Game Board
1 Rulebook
1 Pad of Movement Sheets
4 Agent Figures
4 Hunter Figures
2 Six-sided Dice
4 Secret Role Cards
1 Occupy Vehicle Card
4 Agent Character Cards
- Spider
- Cobra
- Orangutan
- Blue Jay

4 Unique Agent Equipment Cards
- The Prophet
- The Beast
- The Gun
- The Puppet

4 Unique Agent Equipment Cards
- Spider's Tangle Line
- Cobra's Velocity Blade
- Orangutan's Power Fists
- Blue Jay's Holo-Decoy

8 Generic Equipment Cards
- 2 Flash Bang
- 2 Adrenal Surge
- 2 Smoke Grenade
- 2 Stealth Field

23 Tokens

Ages: 9+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-120 minutes




Hide and Go Die
What can't I say about Specter Ops? It's a fantastic game set in a great setting that involves anywhere from 2-4 super powered Hunters trying to kill off 1 Agent with only his wit and technology. In this game the Agent attempts to move around the board using a secret piece of paper that has the map and cap 3 of the 4 points, where as the Hunters are trying to kill him. The only time the Agent is physically on the board is when the Hunters see them, which can lead to some really cool and sneaky situations.

While this may seem complex, it is actually a fairly simple game that after a game or two becomes incredibly fluid from one turn to the next. However it's due to this simplicity that a few problems come in.

First off is the models. While I absolutely adore a game with a sweet set of models, these were a bit flimsy. I don't know whether it was my boxed copy or not, but it seemed that anyone that wasn't the Orangutan or the Beast was so thin that just casually moving the box could and will bend them (Like the Spider...). In addition to this given the simplicity of the game and its rules I figured that we'd have gotten more variety. If I could trade out models for cardboard cutt outs but have more Agents, Hunters, and Equipment to choose from I'd be much happier.

Overall though? Still a great piece, and we in my group have already formed our own Homebrew Equipment and Agents. For now though we'll hope an expansion comes out to flesh out the characters a bit more.
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Review by Bestdragon3 on 9/24/2015
Covert Ops--Simple and Clever
Years ago, we owned a game Called Clue: The Great Museum Caper. It was a great (and more fun) take on the classic game of Clue, in which players used hidden movement to sneak around the mansion, seeking to steal Mr. Body's (I believe that was his name) paintings. And avoiding cameras and motion detectors, I might add.

Emerson Matsuuchi has created a new game that reminds me so much of The Great Museum Caper--but with a much more exciting and "cooler" theme--secret agents and covert ops. A rogue agent is attempting to sneak through a warehouse to obtain data from four different data nodes in the warehouse. All the while, enemy agents snoop around the warehouse in the dark, aware of the rogue agent's presence and with the sole objective being to round him up.

Specter Ops plays in a short amount of time, but with no short amount of excitement--and stress (the GOOD kind!). Every time we play, all players move from turn to turn, our hearts thumping in our chests as we wonder if the enemy will be just around the bend--or if the rogue agent will slip right under our noses.

Specter Ops' gameplay is also quite simple--I have taught the game to 8 year-olds and even a bit younger, and everyone enjoyed the action. But the strategy is not simple, and one slip is all it takes to get caught--or to let the rogue agent slip by to reach the exit.

Specter Ops is a great addition to your game shelf, with much gameplay and value for the price. Quick to learn, quick to play, and with lots of eye candy in its beautiful design. Pick it up!
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Review by John on 9/1/2015
Fantastic Hidden Movement Game
This game had been on my radar for a while and I snapped up a copy as soon as it became available. I've been able to get several plays in and I have to say that the game is just as fun as I'd hoped it would be.

The rules are fairly simple, as short rulebook can attest to, however, there's still a lot going on. I'd have to say that I've had the most fun playing the Agent, but I think that's because the Agent plays more into my personality. The role of the Hunter can be very difficult if you're dealing with a patient, calculating Agent, but don't take too long because the Agent has a limited number of turns to complete their objectives and exit the board.

Regarding the components themselves, the board is beautiful and the miniatures look great. It really is a nice game to look at. After I'm done with my current painting project, this game will probably be the next one to get painted.

Overall, I'm very glad I picked this game up. We've had a lot of fun with it so far, however I haven't tried the 5th player version of the game yet. Another nice thing is that the game's creator, Emerson Matsuuchi is very active on the BoardGameGeek forums, so if you ever have any questions about rules, there's a good chance he will chime in with some insight. I really can't recommend this game enough, especially at this price.
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Review by Kevin on 6/1/2015