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The search for a successor to the throne has begun!

King Arthur's time is drawing to an end, and he has asked Merlin to help him find a worthy successor. The players take on the role of Knights of the Round Table, competing to see who can gain favor and win the crown. Missions need to be fulfilled, Influence gained in principalities, manors built, and traitors defeated. With the help of the dice, players move their knight, and Merlin, around the action rondel, where every space yields an individual actions.

Includes the expansion module King's Favor.

1 Game Board
24 Terrain Tiles
2 Terrain Frames
4 Starting Tiles
55 Mission Cards
36 Shields
36 Flags
36 Construction Material
24 Traitors
11 Apples
1 Grail
1 Excalibur
12 Merlin's Staff
28 Manors
1 Sticker Sheet
16 Henchman Tokens
12 Player Dice
4 Merlin Dice
28 Influence Counters
4 Scoring Markers
4 Knight Figures
1 Merlin Figure
1 Game Round Marker
4 Castle Boards
4 Extra Boards
16 Seals
4 100-point Marker
1 First Player Marker
1 Rules Booklet

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 75 minutes




Beautiful game presence that will have people wondering what you are playing.
It is a great Feld. Not his best but a beautiful game that will have you playing it differently each time because of the roll of the dice.
Game Play
Review by HWBadger on 3/25/2019
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