Lost Legends

Lost Legends

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Choose Your Hero!

Prepare For Battle!


Heroic heroes, mighty dragons, ferocious monsters, honor and glory - this is the world of Lost Legends!

Players fight their way through three levels of play, each more challenging than the previous one. In each level, you'll equip your hero with new battle gear and spells, then battle waves of monsters.

By defeating monsters, you receive experience points and special trophies, which helps you earn legend points. The hero with the most legend points after battling through all three levels of play wins.

5 Hero Boards
50 Level 1 Cards
50 Level 2 Cards
50 Level 3 Cards
38 Gold
24 Trophy Tokens
4 Moving Trophy
35 Legend Points
35 Damage Markers
5 Maximum Life Tokens
5 Life Markers
5 Maximum Mana Tokens
5 Mana Markers
5 Experience Markers
1 Rules Booklet

Ages: 10+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 70 minutes




In this unique drafting game players are gearing up to go dungeon delving.
In this unique drafting game players are gearing up to go dungeon delving. There are three rounds of drafting with each round followed by increasingly difficult dungeons. Players play as specific characters with different starting Health, Mana, and Gold. You draft weapons, armor, magical items, potions, and spellbooks. Each dungeon is automated with different types of creatures (undead, green skins, demons, and dragons) who are resistant or weak to different attack types and return with varied attacks and abilities. Killing creatures awards gold and XP allowing players to level up and get increased stats. Character's do not actually die, they just get removed from the dungeon while other players continue until all players are knocked out. At the end of the third dungeon, Players calculate victory points based on XP earned, groups of monsters killed, and gold obtained.

The game plays smoothly and while the dungeon is automated, it allows for strategy. Luck can play a factor as to the random dungeon denizens being dealt to players who are more or less equipped to deal with them. Typically, once a player has a lead it is difficult for other players to catch up and the learning curve is steep.

If you like 7 Wonders and Dungeons & Dragons, give this game a shot.
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Review by Charles on 10/18/2016