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Manufacturer: Robert Burke Games

Cartoona is a tile-laying, creature-building game of strategy and chance featuring the whimsical pop art creatures of Robert Burke. Players compete by building colorful, and sometimes hilarious, cartoon creatures from different body part tiles. Complete a creature and earn the points shown on the tiles used to build it. Complete a creature in one color and earn double the points. But beware, your opponents are waiting to upend your strategy at every turn. Only the most well thought-out creature building plan will succeed!

This can be played in three modes:

- Player vs. Player (2 to 5 players)
- Team vs. Team (4, 6, or 8 players)
- Solo (1 player)

Three full games are inlcuded in this box:

- The full game, suitable for ages 8 to adult
- The basic game, suitable for ages 5 to adult
- The children's game, suitable for ages 3 to 8

94 Creature Part Tiles
70 Action Cards
8 Player Screens
1 Scoring Track
5 Scoring Markers
Rules and Strategy Booklet
Children's Game Objective Sheet

Ages: 3+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 30-40 minutes

NOTE: This is the 2013 Kickstarter Edition of Cartoona.