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Betrayal at House on the Hill (2nd Edition)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (2nd Edition)

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2015):
One of the best bang-for your buck games, with 50 possible scenarios, I've only encountered the same game once.

Characters start off as investigators exploring a mansion that grows as they explore, triggering events, finding items and discovering omens, once enough omens are discovered someone will be revealed to be a traitor. Discovering you're traitor you leave the room and read your goals and scenario. The other instigators become heroes, trying to deal with the traitor, defeat a monster, or maybe just escape.

The components are cool and the story line is always different, because the map, the scenarios, and the characters create tons of randomization. Some of the components are frustrating to use, like the sliders to keep track of stats which do not stick, and and are not long enough to point directly to the stats. This is easily solved with a pad of paper.

Excellent game where almost every time I have played someone asks, can we go again?
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