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Betrayal at House on the Hill (2nd Edition)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (2nd Edition)

Product Review (submitted on September 30, 2015):
Gather a group of friend and explore a haunted house, what could go wrong?

A lot apparently, as you flip tiles you and your fellow explorers will generate a haunted house that varies every time you play. From the basement to the 2nd floor make sure to explore every inch gathering items, omens, and random encounters before the "haunt" and a betrayer is revealed.

This game is simple to play and relatively quick depending on how soon the haunt roll is failed. Once failed the game gets flipped on its head. No longer working together a random player is revealed as the betrayer and now the survivors must work to dispatch their new enemy.

If you are looking for something to throw on the table without having to think too much and just have some fun with friends pick up this game. The randomness and second half of the game tends to heavily favor the house/betrayer but it really does feel like walking through a campy haunted house movie, and that is a good thing. With 50+ haunt scenarios available the replay value it definitely high.
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