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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Edition

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Edition

Product Review (submitted on October 2, 2015):
Maybe thats a steep claim. Ok, maybe its tied for first with a couple others. But this game is excellent. And claiming such a spot was a hard fought battle on its part.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative card game where each player has a deck for a particular hero and you fight a villain, in a particular environment. For two player games, my wife and I usually play two heroes. Each hero uniquely interacts with the game. Some deal awesome damage, some support others well, some can tear through their deck while others can mess with its order.

So here you are, looking at a superhero themed game (of which there are many) wondering if this is a good pick. Lets get right to the negative so that you can be made aware: its fiddly.

In this box, you'll also have a plethora of tokens and counters which serve to keep track of hit points and various damage modifiers. There are lots of those. For example "ok, so Im going to play this card, which lets me do two projectile damage. But Legacy has his power activated, which increases it by one! Oh wait, this villains card reduces projectile damage. So I do two. Then this villain card is triggered because I hit the villain, so it does three damage to me, but I had my power up so its reduced..." I provide a fictional, and perhaps over-complicated example, of what this can become. It won't get here very often, actually, but you should be aware of it.

This game took too long my first few plays, and I didn't really enjoy it at all. I was about to trade it, but a friend showed me more expansion heroes and I realized how much I really WANTED to like it, but just couldn't. So I gave it one more try, with one addition: The Sidekick app on iPad. Man, was it a game changer. The fiddlyness was gone, and it let this excellent game shine. Do you need the app? Absolutely not. Does it help? Absolutely... yes. And now its my favorite (top 3 for sure...).

If the fiddlyness bothers you, then this frees you up to enjoy the game for what it is, an excellent, unique superhero game.

The thing I love is that the expansions don't necessarily add new waves of gameplay, but instead just expand the pool of heroes, villains, and environments you can choose from. Sure, each one of those will play differently, but they are more like modules you can pick and choose from. I love variety without having to include a whole bunch of other stuff to get it.

If you don't mind playing two heroes each in a two player game, this is excellent. My wife and I play with all our cards laid out on the table in front of us so we don't have to put down one hand and pick up the next; we can be thinking of what to do more efficiently this way. Its one of our favorite games and I will absolutely continue using the sidekick app.

If you are not sure you would like this game because its fiddly, I would encourage the sidekick. Because this game is simply excellent.
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