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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Product Review (submitted on October 19, 2015):
This is my absolute favorite cooperative game, if not my favorite overall. While defending your village against a seemingly never-ending army of ghosts led by the evil Wu-Feng, you will have to make many decisions--all of which will seem viable.

Because many of your decisions depend on some amount of luck from the dice, the game becomes a combination of careful risk mitigation and total glory when you succeed a roll that absolutely should have resulted in the village's demise.
The dice allow the game to never feel solved, which is a problem that some other coop games seem to have.

While this game is generally considered to be one of the more difficult coop games out there, you may find that after many plays you have achieved a decent rate of victory. If so, don't worry! The game has several absolutely stellar add-ons to consider!

The White Moon expansion adds in the idea of saving village families, who may give you a very powerful reward if saved, or a devastating punishment if they fall to the ghosts. I have played with this expansion 5 times, and have not managed to beat it yet. It is an EXCELLENT addition to the game.

The Black Secret expansion adds the option for a 5th player to control Wu-Feng, the evil ghost causing all this trouble. I have not actually managed to play with this yet, but as a die hard fan of this game I will absolutely pick this one up.

When you've exhausted those, there are many promotional cards and other items available from the game's publisher, Repos Productions. I bought all of those and added in many new incarnations of Wu-Feng, two scenarios modifying White Moon, and new village tiles to aid in your fight!

This is just an amazing game with absolutely fantastic artwork, I seriously cannot recommend it enough.
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