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Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2015):
Drawing your characters from the bag and choosing which actions to use them on is a fun task and the heart of this game.

This is a bag builder, like a deck builder, but using a bag instead of a deck of cards. You acquire better pieces to build it up, which has an engine building feel, and you can also thin it to make it more efficiently produce what you need. As with any good builder, building up and thinning are both rewarding.

There are a few ways to earn VP's but enough variety and combinations that it feels unique every time you play. Your strategy dynamic feels personal and it is gratifying to watch your engine work.

The components are terrific. TMG is known for that now.

If you like medium weight euro's this seems like a must have and a long term keeper in most peoples collections.

I have also played "Siberia the Card game" by this designer and it is a terrific, thinky filler and we like it more than Biblios and Jaipur even. A little hard to find, but quite good.
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