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Betrayal at House on the Hill (2nd Edition)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (2nd Edition)

Product Review (submitted on February 8, 2016):
Betrayal at House on the Hill is exactly what it sounds and looks like. You're playing a horror-based tile-laying game with a traitor mechanic. Before you balk at that consider the following:

1. Everyone's on the same page until The Haunt occurs, at which point everyone finds out who the traitor is.

2. The traitor has specific tasks they try to fulfill, and they act in full view of everyone, rather than in secret. This makes strategy among the other players wonderful to see during gameplay.

3. The overall tone of this game in undeniable. You get immersed into this old plot device, the haunted old house, and it sucks you in. You could play a soundtrack of spooky music to add to the ambiance.

4. Playing with people you know and trust only add to the fun, even if one of the people you trust the most becomes the traitor. Because then, you can trust them to take you out if there's any way they can.

5. There is a TRAITOR'S HANDBOOK with a few dozen scenarios on how The Haunt occurs and what the Traitor's tasks are. This allows the game to vary greatly based on whose turn it is when The Haunt occurs, what Omen they've triggered it with, etc.

The components that come with the game are somewhat lacking, specifically talking about the pointers that are supposed to help you keep track of your Might, Sanity, etc. They don't stay on the cardboard at all, so we ended up using dice to keep a tally on our stats.

The house is built differently every single time, and if you're wondering how you can have infinite amounts of fun playing this game over and over again, wonder no more. Buy this game.
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