20th Century

20th Century (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games

In the 20th Century, every region strives to develop. Some become financial leaders, others become centers of learning. Science and commerce propel nations into the future - but what kind of future? Growth produces waste, and advances come with a cost to the environment. How will you mitigate the inevitable ecological catastrophes?

Your goal is to provide a place where the environment is as healthy as the economy. Only then can you consider your region to be truly developed.

The game consists of six rounds, during which you oversee the urbanization of your region. Lands produce income, scientific research, or improve the quality of life. Research allows you to discover new technologies that will shape the way your nation develops. Science can help you avert ecological catastrophes.

45 Land Tiles
30 Technology Tiles
1 Game Board
5 Player Boards
1 Double-sided Technology Cost Tile
1 Player Figure In Each of 5 Colors
20 Citizen Tokens in Each of 5 Colors
1 Scoring Counter in Each of 5 Colors
95 Garbage Tokens
4 Bridges
1 Technology Cost Marker
1 Round Counter
6 Scoring Cards
9 Catastrophe Cards
94 Coin and Science Point Cards
1 Rulebook

Ages: 13+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 75-120 minutes