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In the twenties, the stock exchange experienced an unprecedented boom. Many investors speculated wildly and some become millionaires in a very short time. The players buy and sell shares in railroad companies, which were particularly hot properties at that time. The player who buys well and manages to convert his holdings to property before the coming crash will win the game!

1 Game Board
37 Share Cards
1 Crash Card
1 Share Summary Card
45 Chips
35 Houses
1 Bowl
1 Rule Booklet

Ages: 10+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 45 minutes




A exciting bidding game
A classic in the bidding game genre. Managing your funds is key - knowing when to save and when to spend. It comes with a large wooden cup that makes tossing bidding tokes in really fun. It is large enough that you can bid while also staring down your opponents. You can also flip it to take all the tokens while staring down your opponents. Fairly quick and fun. I give it two railroad stocks or two options to sell a particular stock - up.
Game Play
Review by Jonathan on 12/11/2015