Alan's Adventureland

Alan's Adventureland (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games

Have you ever wanted to design your own amusement park? Well, here is your chance. You, and two or three other planners are invited to put together a themed neighborhood in Alan's Adventureland.

Will you choose to put in as many different attractions as you can, or will you settle for a few higher, more thrilling rides? Will you make the park look most interesting from the parking lot, or standing in line for tickets? There are a limited number of resources for the entire park, so you will have to compete with the other designers for the attractions you want.

4 Player Boards
1 Scoring Track
78 Purchase Order Cards
78 Wooden Attraction Tiles
156 Attraction Stickers
5 Theme Cards
16 Bonus Cards
10 Money Chits
4 Scoring Tokens
Start Marker
First Player Marker

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-4
Game Length: 45 minutes




This game has a much deeper strategy to it than I think most people realize or give it credit for. I also enjoyed the unique theme park building theme.
Game Play
Review by Craig on 8/19/2016
Underrated Gem Deserves a Look
Why this game gets no love I don't quite understand. There are multiple avenues to win and it's very puzzley. Strategy shifts throughout the game and you have to decide whether or not to keep an opponent from "expanding" his park or work on your own. Many compare it to Quadropolis, but I think I like this more. You're less prone to get some stuck in analysis paralysis. It moves quickly and becomes very challenging towards the end as your hand of cards becomes more depleted. And somehow the designer managed to keep things balanced. Warning: If you can't do math, you better have a calculator handy because there's a lot of scoring. Give it a try!
Game Play
Review by PMaz on 8/6/2016