Nevada City

Nevada City

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Nevada City @ 44:58

Settled in 1849, the snow-covered mountains of Nevada City became home to a silver mine and sawmill. Almost overnight, it became a boomtown, with all the benefits of prosperity, and the lure of a fortune to be made.

In Nevada City, each player represents one of the town's founding families, determined to shape the town's growth. You will need to hire ranch hands and all types of tradesmen. You will need to produce and sell resources in order to build the businesses that will meet the needs of the growing town. But life in the Old West is fraught with uncertainty. You will face hardships such as fires, droughts, and dangerous travelers.

The player who best overcomes these challenges will become the new mayor of Nevada City. Will they raise a statue in the town square to honor you? Or will you be a mere footnote in the history of the Old West?

1 Four-panel Gameboard
4 Homestead Mats
24 Character Cards
26 Workers Cards
8 Goal Cards
23 Event Cards
40 Contract Cards
22 Building Cards
4 Reference Cards
72 Property Tiles
112 Action Markers
48 Ownership Markers
90 Resource Tokens
115 Commodity Tokens
1 Sheriff's Badge
1 Deputy's Badge
1 Bag
14 Production/Market Value Cubes
4 Damaged Buildings
4 Ranch Gates
Advanced Game Parts
  ‣ 4 Character Cards
  ‣ 1 Goal Card
  ‣ 6 Building Cards
  ‣ 7 Poker Cards
  ‣ 4 Event Cards
  ‣ 5 Product/Market Value Cubes

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90-120 minutes