Rome in a Day

Rome in a Day

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Manufacturer: Alley Cat Games

Rome in a Day @ 49:48

The once thriving Roman Empire is falling apart. It's time to claim the Empire's lands for yourself and increase your power. You just have to make a good trade: Offer a set of lands that will appeal to your opponents but make sure that you'll get a better deal in the end.

Divide and swap lands with "I Cut, You Choose" gameplay, outguessing your opponents and making clever trades to create a prosperous domain and build a new Rome in a day.

  1. Divide your lands and buildings as it suits you.

  2. Claim the preferred land plots from your neighbors.

  3. Expand your domain and multiply your wealth!

100 Lands
40 Buildings
20 Gems
10 Choice Cards
5 Building Cards
5 Double-sided Reminder Tiles
5 Screens
50 Score Sheets
Game Rules

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 15-30 minutes