Chip Theory Kids: Independent Play Collection (4 Games)

Chip Theory Kids: Independent Play Collection (4 Games) (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Chip Theory Games

Dive into Chip Theory Kids with this incredible four-pack of independent play experiences!

This beautiful set includes Neighborhood Hide and Seek, Tangram Adventure, Pixel Party, Sudoku Forest, and an exclusive promo pack featuring content for all four games inspired by Chip Theory Games classics!

These solo experiences will keep kids occupied for hours! All four games feature beautiful tins and magnetic pieces, making them perfect companions for play at home or on the road. All content is housed in a gorgeous and sturdy slipcase as well, making storage and cleanup a breeze!

At a $5.00 discount and the exclusive slipcase and Chip Theory crossover promo pack, there's no better way to jump into the Chip Theory Kids experience!

Ages: 4+
Players: 1
Game Length: 10 minutes