Survive Escape From Atlantis Dolphins, Squids, 5-6 Players Expansion

Survive: Escape From Atlantis - Dolphins & Squids & 5-6 Players...Oh My! Expansion

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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

In Survive: Dolphins & Squids & 5-6 Players...Oh My!, we have packaged the 3 mini-expansions for Survive: Escape From Atlantis! into one box!

Survive: 5-6 Players!

You don't want to leave anyone behind on the sinking island of Atlantis. And now with this 5-6 Player Mini-Expansion, you don't even need to leave your friends and family behind when playing the game! Play with up to 6 players for a bigger and even more fun game of Survive!

Survive: Dolphins & Dive Dice!

The Sea Creatures around the sinking island of Atlantis have always been dangerous ... but now these behemoths can move faster and dive across the seas to attack Swimmers and Boats! However, friendly Dolphins are there to protect your Swimmers, but will they be enough to keep you safe as you try to survive?

Survive: The Giant Squid!

A new Sea Creature has been spotted, the Giant Squid ... and it is hungry! With its long tentacles, the Giant Squid can not only reach into boats to attack people, but it can also reach onto land to chomp on people, making your opponents' people on land vulnerable as well! The Giant Squid adds a whole new twist to the great game of Survive!

20 Plastic People Tokens
- 10 Orange Tokens
- 10 White Tokens

4 Dolphin Tokens
2 Blue Dive Dice
1 Red Creature Die
5 Giant Squid Tokens
1 Rulebook

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 45-60 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Survive: Escape from Atlantis is required to play.