Jorvik (Clearance)

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For several decades during the Viking age, parts of England were occupied by the Norsemen. One of the larger cities under their control became a flourishing center of trade and artisanship. The Vikings called the city and its surrounding kingdom Jorvik - today known as the city of York.

In Jorvik, players gather victory points by trading goods, holding big feasts, funding pillages, commissioning artisans and hiring warriors to defend Jorvik agains tthe sneak attacks of the Picts.

Stefan Feld's Jorvik has a unique card buying mechanism: the players first indicate their interest in available cards and then buy them in order of how fast they disclose their interest. But beware it comes at a price! The sooner you show your interest in a card, the more expensive this card will be because other players may also join in the price race for this card ...

Two Game MOdes included! The introductory "Karl" game mode and the more challenging "Jarl" game mode, for experienced and much more cunning Vikings!

104 Cards
54 Goods Cubes
1 Bag
22 Wooden Vikings
5 Player Boards
5 Victory Point Markers
30 Coins
1 Starting Player Marker

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 45-90 minutes