Pictomania (Clearance)

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Pictomania is the drawing game by Vlaada Chvtil (Through The Ages, Dungeon Petz)! Do you know what a zebra looks like? Can you draw it? No? Well guess what? Pictomania is perfect for you! Any zebra drawing you do will be fine, as long as the other players don't think your zebra is...oh, say, a car! In Pictomania, it really doesn't matter if you can draw well! Everybody will draw his own picture of a concept and at the same time try to guess the drawing concepts of the other players!

99 Clue Cards (Divided into 4 Difficulty Levels)
2 Card Racks
6 Stickers
6 Sketch Boards
6 Dry-erase Markers
6 Small Erasers
42 Guess Cards
6 Symbol Cards
7 Number Cards
30 Scoring Tokens
5 Bonus Point Tokens
1 Rule Book

Ages: 9+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 25-45 minutes




Best Drawing Game I've Played
The brilliant thing of this game is how well it balances. Sure being a good artist helps, but you also need to be a good guesser as well. And you kind of have to decide how much time you are going to spend either, because the people who guess (correctly) first, get the most points. Many of the pictures you are to draw, have a similar words, so you have to make sure your "pond" doesn't look like a "swamp."

Lots of laughs with this one.

The rules are a bit obtuse as you read through, but really, they make perfect sense once you start playing...that being said, I'd recommend playing through alone first or watching a video. Not the kind of party game you can sit down and play immediately (for most non-gamers).

Very nice, and I hope for an expansion.
Game Play
Review by Frank on 11/15/2016
Surprisingly deep drawing game
This is definitely my favorite drawing game. You do not need to be a good drawingvto be good at this game. The ability to be quick and creative in what you draw will help. Along withbthe ability to guess well. The games scales well for all types of gamers and ages. I definitely recommend this game.
Game Play
Review by Spencer on 4/19/2016