Rogue Agent (Limited Edition)

Rogue Agent (Limited Edition) (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

2048, Earth

The corrupt government has lost grip on Rain City, a brooding metropolis where crime runs amok, despite patrolling police squads. This desperate battle has recently seen a new player: a secret Agency of bounty hunters, attempting to control the endless assaults on inner-city life.

Your task: Defeat and arrest Criminals, defuse high-tech bombs that threaten to destroy city districts and prevent assassins from completing their destructive path. You are one of the members of this secretive brotherhood of justice. So. . .are you ready to survive the crime waves in the big city and uncover the infiltrating androids amongst your team that plan to revolt?

Rogue Agent is a tense cyberpunk adventure game, pitching players against underground networks. The game features detailed miniatures, a large variety of unique criminals to defeat, special icon-driven dice and two different game modes. The Living city system makes Rain City come alive on your gaming table. No trip to Rain City will be the same!

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90 minutes

NOTE: This "Limited Edition" ‚version of the game contains 10 additional Criminal Cards.