Stronghold (2nd Edition)

Stronghold (2nd Edition)

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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

Countless armies of the Dark Lord have gathered at the gates of the kingdom, determined to tear them down. Trapped inside, the defenders' only hope is to survive long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

In Stronghold, the invader tries to break through the fortifications by building deadly machines, powerful equipment, training his soldiers, and using sinister spells. Each action he performs takes time and gives the defenders a chance to answer with their defenses and preparations. After tense preparations, the invader's forces, wave after wave, hit the stronghold's wall.

Whether your attacking or defending - there won't be a second chance. Win. Or be forgotten.

200 Wooden Invader Cubes (Goblins, Orcs, Trolls)
41 Wooden Defender Soldiers (Marksmen, Soldiers, Veterans)
20 Wooden Resource Tokens
20 Wooden Hourglass Tokens
23 Wooden Wall Segment Tokens
2 Wooden Hero Tokens
9 Wooden Cauldron Tokens
42 Shooting Cards
23 Invader's Action Cards
10 Objective Cards
10 Defense Plan Cards
2 Trebuchet Tiles
3 Ballista Tiles
3 Catapult Tiles
3 Cover Tiles
3 Siege Tower Tiles
9 Training Tiles
15 Equipment Tiles
15 Magic Tiles
5 Order Tiles
1 Round Token
3 Defender's Orders Tiles
9 Traps
9 Tower Tiles
2 Cathedral Tiles
1 Malfunction Tile
3 Spy Tiles
8 Defender's Actions Tiles
1 Board
1 Cloth Bag
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 2
Game Length: 90 minutes

• Action Points
• Area Majority / Influence
• Variable Player Powers
• Point to Point Movement