Captains of the Gulf (2nd Edition)

Captains of the Gulf (2nd Edition) (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

South Louisiana has a long, rich history of delicious Cajun dishes like gumbos and jambalayas. A big part of what makes these meals so great is the seafood in them that is fished from the Gulf of Mexico. The men and women who run the shrimp boats that fish that seafood have to be both hard-working and crafty, finding the optimum strategy to bring in the best catch. They are the Captains of the Gulf.

Captains of the Gulf is a thematic action selection game, full of flavor. In the game, 2-4 players each operate a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico, hoping to make the largest profit over eight game turns. The players try to upgrade their fishing boat, add crew members, then move out to fish crabs, oysters, and shrimp, after which they need to deliver them to ports.

Cards are multi-purpose; they are added to a player's mat on top (licenses), at the left side (crew), or at the right side (boat upgrade). Moreover, when you fish you need to play them out of your hand.

This 2nd Edition adds a Solo mode and a Short Game mode.


1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
90 Game Cards
16 Round Markers
12 Seafood Cards
12 Loan Cards
4 Wooden Boats
12 Wooden Bonus and Fuel Tank Markers
4 Wooden Action Track Markers
15 Wooden Discs
56 Coins
84 Seafood/Cooked Seafood Tiles
3 Port Bonus Tiles
6 Port Sales Track Reward Tiles
8 Cargo Box Tiles
8 Fuel Tank Tiles
24 Depletion/Repopulation Tiles
16 Bonus Tiles
16 Small White Circular Tiles
8 Reference Sheets
2 Rulebooks

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60 minutes