Student Bodies (Clearance)

Student Bodies (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Smirk and Dagger Games

High School Totally Bites

The popular kids have turned into zombies and now YOU are running for your lives. Problem is - you've all been bitten. No one can be trusted anymore. Not even that girl from band camp.

Your only hope is to race to the Science lab to find an antidote. Only THE FIRST to escape will live, as he or she locks the doors behind them, preventing the spread of the plague beyond the school walls. Which means that everything and everyone - is an enemy. And it's just as easy to trip a "friend" as bash a zombie.

A highly non-cooperative game which breaks the standard "zombie-game tropes," delivering unprecedented emotional intensity and a true feeling of desperation in the face of insurmountable odds - with humor rooted in the drastic lengths to which people will go, just to survive. Those who don't may rise again, but now, they'll only win by killing the rest of you.

174 Cards
5 Character Sheets
5 Character Standees
18 Zombie Standees
5 Smart Zombie Standees
Custom Die
Game Board (3 feet long)
104 Tokens
- Stamina, Health, Corpses, Items, Beakers, and more

18 Obstacle Tiles
2 Door Standees
2 Locker Walls

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 90 minutes




Family Zombie Fun
This one wasn't very popular in our group. (6 adult'ish people) ). We gave this a try after we received it as a gift. The art is great but i think we were all a tad put off with all the cardboard. Shallow I know. Games like Zombicide almost encourage you to push beyond the learning curve on the promise of being able to use one of the really cool game components. This game we were a little ......meh.

NOW , we (My wife and I) broke the game out again with our daughters and we had a blast! Fun take that kind of gameplay that sparks playful jabs back and forth. The theme was such that my kids were interested and we liked the no "Weapons" twist. Kind of neat.

Would love to give higher marks , but the disappointed looks on my friends faces when they saw all that cardboard will weigh on my heart for quite a while.
Game Play
Review by Keltz on 9/18/2015