Dystopian Wars: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - Armored Battle Group

Dystopian Wars: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - Armored Battle Group (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Spartan Games

At the heart of the Polish-Lithuanian mechanised army is the massive Perun Mobile Airfield. Large bore fore guns and the ability to disembark infantry make it a bear in close, while its real strength lies in its battery of bombards, capable of laying down devastating fire, and the wings of Support Aircraft it can launch into the skies.

The Rarog Land Ship can lay down heavy ordnance, as well as spray fiery death from its heavy flamethrower. Supporting these giants are the medium vehicles: the SWZ3 Palnik, WZ6 Spzada and ZB2 Burza. Fast and dangerous are the LZ4 Rygerz and Russian made Poltava, longstanding stalwarts of the PLC war effort. Alongside the armoured behemoths move the infantry companies, providing support and the ability to achieve deadly assaults.

1 Perun Class Mobile Airfield
1 Rarog Class Land Ship
2 SWZ3 Palnik Class Medium Flame Tank
3 WZ6 Spzada Class Medium Tanks
3 ZB2 Burza Class Bombards
5 LZ4 Rygerz Class Small Tanks
4 Poltava Class Light Tanks
2 Line Infantry Tokens
2 Assault Infantry Tokens
1 Reconnaissance Class Infantry Token
16 Russian Coalition SAS Tokens
3 SAW Trays
3 Dice (7mm)
3 A5 Token & Template Sheets
1 TAC Deck

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.