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In the distant future, the world is a dangerous place where the balance of power rests between opposing forces. Resources combined with a long standing technological boom has created mega-cities and vast areas of wastelands. Warring Factions push and pull the citizens of the Community in a tug of war style battle.

Master of Wills is a competitive 2-4 player game that pits two Factions against each other. Players build their Faction card deck to manipulate and influence sectors of the Community to join their side. With each move, more Community characters are drawn into battle and most will join one Faction or the other. By expanding control over the Community, power can be acquired.

Choose a side and become the Master of Wills.

120 Community Cards
98 Faction Cards
2 Faction Help Cards
Round Token
Game Board
Game Guide

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 25-45 minutes




Probably the best 2 player dueling game
A phenomenal tug of war game best suited for 2 players. Each player makes a faction deck following simple deck building rules, and then takes turns pulling an pushing members of a random community deck around the board. The player with the most points on their side of the board after 8 rounds wins. The simple premise is made far more complex by the factions, each with a unique way of bending rules. Deciding which community members to pull to your side and how it will interact with the other cards on the board makes this seemingly simple game a very high skill ceiling, cutthroat game.
Game Play
Review by Greg on 4/10/2020
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