Between Two Cities

Between Two Cities

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Manufacturer: Stonemaier Games

Between Two Cities is a tile-drafting game in which each tile is part of a city. You work with the player on your left to build one city center while simultaneously working with the player on your right to build a second city center. On each turn you select two tiles from your hand, reveal them, then work with your partners to place one of your selected tiles into each of your two cities.

At the end of the game, each city is scored for its architectural grandiosity. Your final score is the lower of the scores of the two cities you helped design, and the player with the highest final score wins the game. To win, you have to share your attention and your devotion equally Between Two Cities.

108 Building Tiles
24 Duplex Tiles
14 City Tokens
1 Scoreboard
1 Rulebooks
7 Reference Cards
15 Seating Randomizer Cards
1 Automa Rulebook
20 Automa Cards
3 Automa Name Cards

Ages: 8+
Players: 3-7 (with 1-2 Player Variants)
Game Length: 25 minutes




Another Great Stonemaier Game
Between Two Cities is a quick, simple to learn tile drafting game with a few interesting twists on the usual. First of all, it's a combination solo and co-op game. You and the people directly next to you are working together to build the best city you can with the tiles in your hands. There are 6 different types of tiles, so there are many ways to score here. However, once scoring is all said and done, it's your lowest scoring city of the two of you had a hand in building. Where this game wins big time is that they limit the city to a 4x4 grid, so you aren't spending 45 minutes laying tile, you are only spending like 10-15 minutes (less than that once you get the hang of it).

The quality of the game is amazing, but Stonemaier is famous for that. It includes some superfluous tokens and a double sided board, both for scoring purposes, but these are not reflected in it's price tag. There are two different decks of cards: one is for playing a solitaire version (which is great, one of the few games I've played that hold up well solo style) and one is a neat little deck to decide sitting order. A few reviewers have taken issue with these elements, but honestly I don't see the problem. For less than 25 bucks, this one is a no brainer, buy with confidence!
Game Play
Review by Tony on 11/23/2015
Fast and Furious Filler: Filled With Fun For 7, 2, or 1
Stonemaier Games' brand new tile-laying city-building game, Between Two Cities, uses a strong drafting mechanism and a unique "dual-partnering" system to aid players in building 2 different cities: one to their right, and one to their left. Each player will build two cities: the city on their left will be built with the player to their left, and the city to the right will be built with the player to the right. However, these partnerships are temporary, as only one player can win. What's more, only a player's LOWER scoring city counts, so building your cities as evenly as possible is necessary.

B2C is regularly for 3-7 players to take advantage of the partnering mechanism, but a well-designed 2-player variant allows 2 players to each build 2 cities, with the winner being the player with the higher score when comparing their LOWER scoring cities. I actually preferred this version. A nice solo version works well, in which the player builds 2 cities while a "robot" player, known as the "Automata", provides a competing measure for the player.

Between Two Cities takes a few moments to grasp, and several plays to get one's brain around the dual partner concept, but the game is fun, well-designed, and quick to play. Typically beautiful Stonemaier production values. For those who enjoy drafting, city-building, tile-laying, filler games, and games with tight scoring, this is the one.
Game Play
Review by John on 10/27/2015