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Manufacturer: Tasty Minstrel Games

Gold West is a delicate balance of resource management and area control. Build your mining empire while vying over the precious metals of the frontier! Carefully manage your supply tracks and refine the right resources at the right times to keep a step ahead of the competition.

4 Board Sections
8 Terrain Tiles
1 Water Tile
4 Player Boards
4 Miner Score Tokens
48 Camp Pieces
48 Influence Tokens
12 Stagecoaches
12 Office Tokens
20 Investment Cards
5 Investment Bonus Tiles
12 Shipping Bonus Tiles
4 Player Order Tokens
Wooden Resource Tokens

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45-60 minutes




Quality Game and Easy to Learn
Gold West is definitely an easy to pick up game. My group had a few issues with rule clarity at first but after the first play through we understood it much better. The quality of the pieces feels good. Nothing feels too cheap or like it was just thrown into the box to get it out on shelves.

I got this game on sale for around $25 and that feels like a good deal for this. It looks like you would normally pay $42 ish for it and I might not have bought it at that price.

The game has a good pace to it that doesn't drag on. You will want to keep players moving as you plan out your next turn so there is always something to think about.
Game Play
Review by TheFloppyDisk on 3/18/2020
Developed and produced well.
A pure Euro resource optimization game. Easy to learn and teach. Super thick cardboard and a quality production. Pretty enough but quite abstract.

Fun mancala mechanic provides a puzzle to solve every turn. Plenty to do with metals that make it from your sluice-box. Plays quickly and smoothly. Well balanced and developed. Maybe a little dry.
Game Play
Review by GamingCoupleGA on 11/20/2015
A gold medal for Gold West
A really nice blend of Western theme with solid Euro mechanisms. A mancala-style sluice box that you move your resources through provides for tough decisions on each turn. The "Boomtown" area presents variable scoring objectives, making the strategies to victory different each game. The rule book is very easy to understand and is good for learning the game as well as for checking rules.

I've played the game as both the prototype and the final product - I am quite pleased with how the game turned out!
Game Play
Review by @Frahminator on 9/17/2015
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