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Manufacturer: Tasty Minstrel Games

Best Board Games: GAMA 2017

Lead an order of Knights! Fight enemies, erect buildings, and spread your influence. Will your order be the most influential when King Philip issues arrest orders for the Templars?

Manage and upgrade your personal "action wheel," and navigate the tech tree inherent in the buildings, in order to earn the most influence points in this elegant, Euro-style strategy game.

10 Knight Order Tiles
13 Knight Meeples
64 Building Tokens
24 Action Wedges
20 Troop Tokens
30 Building Bonus Tiles
52 Action Tokens
32 Enemy Tokens
6 Enemy Majority Award Tiles
56 Influence Tokens
4 Player Boards
1 Double-sided Game Board
1 Rulebook
and more!

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45-60 minutes




Interesting mechanism, bland board
Interesting rondel mechanic, easy to learn, and the game moves along quickly. I wish the map wasn't so monochromatic and that there was a little more of the theme coming through in the gameplay. All in all, a solid game that I'm planning on keeping in my collection.
Game Play
Review by Jay on 5/8/2020
Unique mechanics and good strategy
Crusaders is a solid game with a unique mechanic for taking actions. One has several choices they can make each turn, even if others are not available. There are also multiple paths to victory, and the replay-ability is high due to the different factions and randomized board set up. It's a bit unfortunate in a lightly-treated theme that predisposes Western Civilization (similar to Puerto Rico), but that's my only real quibble.
Game Play
Review by Marc on 11/22/2019
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