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Manufacturer: Tasty Minstrel Games

Once a humble fishing village, at the beginning of the Meiji era Yokohama is becoming one of the leading harbor cities of Japan. At the center of this development are the merchants of Yokohama, such as yourself, vying to gain fame by fulfilling export orders, learning foreign technology, and building shops and trading houses to develop the city.

Will you become the most capable merchant of Yokohama?

4 President Pawns
80 Assistant Cubes
4 Score Counters
32 Shop Tokens
16 Trading House Tokens
140 Trade Goods Tokens
23 Import Tokens
68 Yen Tokens
1 Station Token
10 Foreign Agent Tokens
20 5-Power Tokens
18 Area Boards
6 Management Boards
4 Warehouse Tiles
1 Score Track
36 Order Cards
30 Technology Cards
12 Achievement Cards
24 Building Site Cards
1 Start Player Card
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90 minutes